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Related post: VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY 6l granular-looking. Within the cytoplasm will be observed a number of clear spaces. These are vacuoles and because they Neurontin Purchase are filled with cell sap (water with nutrient substances in solution) are called "sap vacuoles." Protoplasm is in intimate relation to water. The reaction of the cytoplasm to a bounding film of water between it and the cell wall forms the outer plasma membrane or ectoplasm, Neurontin 50 Mg a clear homogeneous outer band of cytoplasm; the reaction of cytoplasm to the water cpLnn rf cy mi' FIG. Cheap Neurontin 29. Portion of inner epidermis of Onion bulb scale showing cells at various stages of maturity. Young cell (i); old cell (3); cell intermediate in age between I and 3 (2); cell wall (c); outer plasma membrane (pi)', middle lamella (ml)\ nucleus (w 1 ); nucleolus (w 2 ); nuclear membrane (w 3 ); cytoplasm (cy); vacuole (z;). Note that the Neurontin Online young cell (i) shows numerous small vacuoles and spheroidal nucleus near center of cytoplasm. In 2 (cell of intermediate age) the cell has enlarged, larger vacuoles have formed thru the bursting of films of cyto- plasm separating smaller ones, and the nucleus has moved toward the cell wall. In 3, the films have all burst, the cytoplasm and nucleus have been pushed up against the cell wall, the nucleus is flattened out, 300 Mg Neurontin and a large vacuole appears in the center of the cell. within the sap vacuoles forms the vacuolar membranes; the reaction of the dense protoplasm of the nucleus to the water in the cytoplasm around it forms the nuclear membrane. Upon mounting another portion of epidermis in iodine solution, removing the excess of stain and adding a drop of sulphuric acid and then examining under high power, we note that the cell walls of cellulose are stained a deep blue. A yellow line is evident in the middle of each cell wall and separates each cell from its bounding cells. This line is the middle lamella which is composed largely of calcium pectate. 62 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY PROTOPLASM AND ITS PROPERTIES Protoplasm, or living matter, is the more or less semi-fluid, viscid, foamy, and Neurontin Buy Online granular substance in which life resides. It is the " physical basis of life." The peculiar properties which distinguish protoplasm from non- living matter are as follows: 1 . Structure. Protoplasm invariably exhibits structure. No Neurontin 100 Mg por- tion of it, however small, has been found to Neurontin 600mg be homogeneous. Each advance in microscopical Purchase Neurontin technique reveals new complexities. The protoplasm of a single cell, far from being a single unit, must rather be looked upon as a microcosm. 2. Metabolism. Perhaps the most significant peculiarity of living matter is found in its instability and the chemical changes which continually go on within it. It is constantly wasting away, and as constantly being built up. These losses and gains are not upon the exterior surface, but throughout its mass. Its growth and renewal are by intussusception, or the taking in of new particles, and storing them between those already present. A bit of pro- Neurontin 300mg toplasm may retain its indentity while all the matter of which it is composed is changed over and over. It is like a whirlpool or wave in a river which remains the same while the water of which it is com- posed changes continually. Metabolism has been aptly defined by Neurontin 200 Mg Huxley as the whirlpool character of the organism. 3. Irritability. All living matter responds to stimulation. When matter fails to be irritable or responsive to stimuli, we declare it to be dead. The stimuli that excite reactions in living matter are of two kinds, viz; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic stimuli are inherited stimuli. They determine that the plant shall conform to a particular type, carry on certain activities, pass through a definite life cycle, and detach a portion of its own substance for the formation of new individuals of its kind. Extrinsic stimuli initiate, inhibit, accelerate or modify the effects of intrinsic stimuli. They comprise agents of the external world such as cold, heat, chemicals, food, water, light, oxygen, electricity, gravity etc. The irritable reactions manifested by protoplasm and living things to the effects of these external agents will now be considered briefly. VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY 63 Thermotropism is the response of living substance to the stimulus of temperature. All living substance is influenced by variations in temperature. Freezing disintegrates Neurontin Mg it while excessive heat causes its coagulation. Active vital phenomena are therefore only evident within Neurontin Order these extremes, the limits differing depending upon the endurance of the organism under examination. The lowest tem- perature 600 Mg Neurontin at which the activity of an organism Neurontin Buy becomes evident is Buy Neurontin known as the minimum, that at which the activities are at their best, the optimum, and the highest at which they can be continued, the maximum. Some plants Buy Cheap Neurontin are able to endure greater extremes of temperature variation than others because of special adaptations. Thus, certain bacteria produce spores which resist exposure for an hour to the temperature of liquid hydrogen (-225C) or to that of a hot air oven at iooC. Many higher plants can endure moderately low temperatures by Neurontin 500 Mg the development of a hairy covering; others which are killed by frost produce seeds which can endure rigid cold, still others adapt themselves to existence through periods Order Neurontin Online of cold by passing through a latent stage in the form of bulbs, like the Squill or Order Neurontin the Lily, or rhizomes, as the Blood Root or the Hellebores.
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